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Derivatives and Other Financial Products

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Complexities are our Strength

As a leading bond counsel firm, The Weist Law Firm has in-depth experience in all aspects of derivative financial products, including interest rate, domestic and euro currency, debt and asset swaps. We assist in the development, structuring, documentation and execution of swaps and other derivative transactions, negotiating terms and conditions, structuring payment systems, advising on associated risks and facilitating closings.

We advise on products both on a stand-alone basis and where such instruments are embedded in another financial instrument. In addition to traditional products, the firm has extensive experience in less conventional financial products, such as combinations of swaps and options (swaptions), stand-alone auction securities, auction/inverse combination securities and inflation-indexed securities.

We understand the special considerations that apply when a public body enters into derivative transactions. We can assist in both evaluating the risks and benefits of particular structures and features and ensuring that the public body has appropriate risk/reward consciousness as well as the legal authority before entering into a derivative product deal.